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Image by Henry & Co.
Black Woman with braids

Natural & Protective

Clients can bring their own hair or purchase hair on site.

Have a style in mind? Send us a picture before your appointment! (951-533-9395)

Saturday Appointments are for Quincy Only

Box Braids | Starting at $180

Cornrows| $65

5 Cornrows w/Added Hair | Starting at $85

10 Cornrows w/ Added Hair | Starting at $175

Crochet | $150

Crochet Locs |Starting at $150

Starter Locs/Twists|Starting at $180

Retwist Locs |Starting at $85

Natural Style |$65

2-4 Braids Man Bun |Starting at $40

Comb Twists |Starting at $85

Take Down|$50

Box braid are medium and does not include hair

Image by Henry & Co.
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